Fundraiser for MS ( Multiple Sclerosis) coming soon!

Posted by Topia Tessema on

Thank you for your patience! Working a little slower, but I am back after a personal hurdle, but I am here. Grateful to be your handmade Soap Lady! Know that I am working to get your handmade goodies out  to you! 

The month of March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. As we close the month of March, and after an emotional and difficult health crisis this month as a Multiple Sclerosis Warrior myself (diagnosed in 2006), I have decided to contribute a portion of the sales, via fundraiser to find a cure for MS. I have been relatively quiet over the years about the diagnosis due to being largely symptom free. Now, in the midst of this current episode, I feel it is my responsibility, using Abiyah Naturals as a platform, to bring awareness and hope to others. My hope that in togetherness, we can all support those who are effected by MS.  I will keep you posted on the campaign details once organized. (Portion of the sale proceeds will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.) Thank you again for your support!

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