ART CLASS: Basic Drawing & Painting

ART CLASS: Basic Drawing & Painting

  • $150.00

Art class: Basic drawing and painting.
With Instructor: Professional Artist Seatta Jane

The Art Class is a month long (4-5 weeks,) 2 sessions per week course. It is a basic, yet comprehensive study of:

For the first class you will need basic graphite drawing and colored pencil sets, an 8x10 sketch/ drawing pad, white erasers, tissues, and a tabletop easel. Most of these items can be obtained inexpensively (at the dollar store if necessary and art supply store of course.) The small wooden tabletop easel can be found at 5 & Below for $5. As the class progresses more supplies will be discussed.

The class will be 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of drawing and 2 to 2 1/2 weeks of painting. This class will be fast, furious, fabulous and FUN!

Come, discover, enjoy and reveal your inner creative greatness!

COST: $150 for the month
Tuesday & Thursday evenings 7-9
*Class will be ongoing and rotational
FIRST CLASS BEGINS THURSDAY April 2nd through April 30th