Green Aventurine & Fancy Jasper Hoop Earrings

  • $12.00

Handmade, green aventurine and fancy jasper beaded earrings with copper metal spacers.
These earrings contain 8mm and 10mm, round genuine gemstone beads and copper wire.
About the gemstones featured in these earrings:
Green Aventurine, also known as "Indian Jade" is believed to promote abundance and success. It is also considered a stone of comfort and healing, as it provides a soothing energy that helps to calm emotional disruptions. Its green color is seen as reflective of nature and growth, and wearing the stone supports the wearer's attunement with the natural cycles of life.
Jasper is known is recognized as the "supreme nurturer" stone. It is an excellent stone for bringing wholeness and healing to an environment or situation. It can relieve fear, guilt, and frustration, building one's inner strength and confidence.