Genuine Tiger's Eye, Yellow Jade, & Green Aventurine Bead Bracelet

  • $25.00

Handmade tiger's eye, yellow jade, and green aventurine bead bracelet with gold tone metal spacers.

This bracelet includes 18 high-quality, round, 10mm, genuine gemstone beads. The beads are strung on elastic cording, and the bracelet can accommodate various adult wrist sizes.

About the gemstones featured in this bracelet:

Tiger's Eye is known as a stone of protection. It helps focus the mind, supports mental clarity, and helps the wearer makes decisions with understanding and discernment. It also helps the wearer release fear and anxiety and promotes courage, harmony, and balance.

Yellow Jade is among the rarest and most valuable types of jade gemstones. It brings prosperity and positivity. Yellow Jade also encourages awareness and innovative thinking. On a physical energetic level, it is known as a powerful detoxifier of the body.

Green Aventurine is believed to promote abundance and success. It is also considered a stone of comfort and healing, as it provides a soothing energy that helps to calm emotional disruptions. Its green color is seen as reflective of nature and growth, and wearing the stone supports the wearer's attunement with the natural cycles of life.


Handmade by MetaGems Studio