Abiyah Naturals Deodorant Cream

Abiyah Naturals Deodorant Cream

  • $6.00

Stay fresh naturally with Abiyah Naturals Deodorant Cream. Aluminum and Paraben free, this deodorant is effective and safe to use. Odor absorbing ingredients such as organic baking soda, team up with Virgin Coconut Oil and antibacterial essential oils, to leave you feeling fresh and confident NATURALLY!

Available in a variety of scents.
Size shown: 2 oz

How to use: Store at room temperature. If the product is too firm, don't heat, but allow to sit in warmed location to make the cream soft and spreadable. Once softened, apply a pea to dime sized amount to arm pit and massage in gently. NOTE: Less is more. At times people may think with natural deodorants you need to use more to make it effective...Not true:-) Only a small amount is needed. Use a small amount regularly to allow your body to get used to the ingredients.

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