Deodorant Spray

Deodorant Spray

  • $8.00

Stay fresh naturally with Abiyah Naturals Deodorant Spray.  Natural, handmade and effective body care for all skin types. No unnecessary ingredients and keeping you fresh ALWAYS!  Odor absorbing ingredients and essentials with leaving you feeling fresh and confident NATURALLY! This spray has some antiperspirant properties but will not leave you body unable to evacuate the necessary toxins that sweating is in place for. Don't be afraid to sweat, just control it naturally because sweating is good for your body! 

Available in several scents.

Size shown: 2 oz

How to use:  Apply desired amount of spray to armpits and allow to dry. Can be reapplied safely if needed. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Natural Grain Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Water, Essential Oil Blend, LOVE and GOOD VIBES!


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